• Mother "Oyster Catcher" is dutifully teaching her chick how to eat mussels. Limited edition giclee, Framed  11 x 14 1/2
  • Grandma's Table is and original watercolor by a very talented re-emerging artist.  22 x 28 Original Watercolor, framed & matted.
  • A warm watercolor with rich tones of antiques passed down.   18 x 28 Matted & Framed
  • Red Apples

    Original Watercolor, Framed & Matted 16 x 20
  • Original Watercolor,  Unframed 11 x 14
  • Original Watercolor, Unframed 11 x 15
  • Original Watercolor, Matted & Framed 21 x 16
  • Red Figs

    Original Watercolor, unframed  11 x 14   SOLD
  • Considered endangered, this small butterfly that makes its home only in the Willamette Valley of Oregon is making a comeback.  This is a beautiful detailed 13 x 16 Original Watercolor/Pen & ink  set in a handcrafted mahogany frame made by the artist's husband.
  • This delightful bird found on the rocky cliffs of the Pacific Ocean is beautifully detailed in this 11 x 14 Original Watercolor/Pen & Ink set in a handcrafted mahogany frame made by the artist's husband.
  • With exquisite detail Nora captures this bright yellow bird with the beautiful song.   Limited edition giclée, signed and numbered by the artist,  11" x 14" matted
  • Otto

    An original watercolor perfectly capturing the appeal of these charming water creatures.  6 x 8 Framed
  • Original Watercolor 10 x 12 framed
  • Winter

    Original watercolor of the winter landscape, framed
  • This unique geographical feature of the Oregon Coast glows in this original watercolor.  11x 13 Framed
  • An Original Pen & Ink, watercolor painting, beautiful in its detail of this striking bird. 20 x 26 in a handcrafted Mahogany frame made by  Nora's husband.
  • The delicate petals of this lovely woodland native is shown in perfect detail!  Original Watercolor/Pen & Ink with a handcrafted mahogany frame 7 x 9
  • Original Watercolor/Pen & Ink with a hand crafted Mahogany frame. 7 x 9
  • Here is the deer with the big mule-like ears and the big deer eyes. 22 x 22 Original Watercolor/Pen & Ink,  set in a beautifully handcrafted Mahogany frame made by the artist's husband.
  • An adorable little chipmunk with foraging on Ponderosa pine seeds. 13 x 16 Original watercolor, pen & ink in a beautiful handcrafted mahogany frame.
  • An original watercolor of the often overlooked beauty of the maple tree "blossom".  8 x 12 Unframed