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“I believe in beauty. I also believe that sharing of beauty will make all our lives better. Here is hoping that what I bring makes your life better.” The show will be up through the month of October in conjunction with the ART HARVEST STUDIO TOUR OF YAMHILL COUNTY.  http://www.artharveststudiotour.org


Summer Salon

Almost three years have gone by since the gallery opened its doors and I love it, love being involved in a thriving local art scene!  So much good has come about.  The most rewarding is working and supporting the fabulous artists that also are wonderful people. The gallery is a great space.  There is nothing fancy about it, just a welcoming labyrinth of small intimate rooms filled with really good art.  It has become the perfect blend of a working studio combined with a fine art gallery and a museum quality gift shop.  One finds a place to visit and talk ‘art”.  Inspiration is found on…


Contemporary art at its best

It has been said that art is good when it is “unique in conception and well executed”, engaging the viewer. There is something “stunningly right” about the work “that commands your gaze and thoughts whenever you look at it”. “The intensity of the experience of the person making it comes through”. It is “honest, unselfconscious, bold, ambitious, enlightening, original, challenging, and a feast for the senses.” All can be said about Mike Bronco’s paintings. (http://www.artbusiness.com/how-to-recognize-the-best-art.html) For inquiries about Mike’s work please contact the gallery.  

Life is wonderful

Singer songwriter Jazon Mraz understands. It takes a night to make it dawn,                                                                                                            And it takes some old to make you young It takes some cold to know the sun It takes the one to have the other,                                                                                                            fears to make you trust It takes those tears to make it rust It takes the dust to have it polished We live in a world of opposites, and I am glad of it.  The contrasts make life richer.  It takes the opposing side to foster a deep appreciation for what we have in a given moment. Opposites make life beautiful.  We hear them…


It’s rodeo time!

The 4th of July is here!  It’s our Independence Day (from Great Britain), a Happy Birthday America.  It’s a time for picnics and fireworks, a gathering of friends and family. It’s also time for the rodeo, one of the oldest American traditions going back to the 1700’s when Spain ruled the west.  This was the days of the vaqueros, the original working cowboys known for their skills with a horse and the lariat. The vaqueros, literally meaning cow-man, fostered a proud heritage unique in their adeptness at roping, herding, and branding from a saddle.  At the end of a day’s…


Head in the clouds

I never knew clouds could be like this until they were right over me.  Ever since this moment my head has been in the clouds always looking upward. Fascinating is what they are!  Foreboding too at times.  And totally enchanting!  Lucy had it right when she explained to Charlie Brown “Aren’t the clouds beautiful…they look like big balls of cotton!  I could just lie hear all day and watch them drift by.” Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus, Contrails, Mammatus, Orographic and Pileus.  Even the names stir my imagination!  It is no wonder that Zeus built his kingdom in the clouds (thank Disney for this…


Think on theses things

Just recently I read an article how science research is showing that the words we speak actually restructure our brain.   Those positive words, when we dwell on them, changes the function of our brain and over time the very structure, so much so that it may affect the way we look at reality.  The same goes for those negative thoughts.  They stop our brains from operating the way it is supposed to. So I would think it also is with images. Ansel Adams once said “A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is…


“No one’s going to walk through my mind with dirty feet”

Pure is a beautiful word, an old-fashioned word scarcely heard in today’s society outside of maybe the religious environment, yet still a beautiful word. My mind conjures images of clean simplicity, places that are clear of pollutants. It’s a place we all want, we all look for. Free of contamination. Is it possible to find such a place anymore?  In the physical world probably not.  The pristine farm land where my family lives, the one that looks so fresh is tainted with chemicals sprayed in abundance.  I go to the ocean to find clean air and am greeted with debris decorating…


Loving original art!

Art is at its best when it’s the original!  Compare it to eating really good food or listening to an amazing concert live!  A meal out of a box just can’t meet up to the experience of eating that succulent dinner al fresco in a garden.  The car speakers will never match the surround sound of your favorite musician on stage. So it is with original art. Here is my most recent art purchase by a local artist Michael John Bittle; original art that makes me smile.  The vibrant energy starts the day with a fresh happiness and an “all is well…