Marilyn’s work is about life. It’s about catching that life in all its emotion and beauty. With a keen eye for composition and a strong visceral response generated by what she sees, Marilyn produces work that manifests the spirit of a given moment. Acutely aware of the smallest of details, from pressing the shutter to the final printing, she is ever conscious of relaying the power of our surroundings through the simple element of paper and the photographic process. 

For fourteen years photography has been her chosen medium. It has been in the past four years that Marilyn has started working in oils, pastels and the ancient art of egg tempura bringing the same close attention to applying the paint on canvas.

Marilyn has been recognized by National Geographic, Smithsonian, Popular Photography as well as numerous other publications.  Her work has been shown on national television and can be seen in professional and private collections as well as in select galleries.

“I create art because that is who I am and it is what I need to do. The Romans and the Greeks held a belief that inspiration was given by an eternal divine entity, an attendant spirit outside of oneself that came to the artist assisting them with their work. The artist is a vehicle for that inspiration. 

I embrace this concept, giving gratitude for MY CREATOR who inspires me in all things.

“Creating has become an act of the spirit.  My legacy is to leave with others the power there is in the beautiful.”