“I believe in beauty. I also believe that sharing of beauty will make all our lives better. Here is hoping that what I bring makes your life better.” The show will be up through the month of October in conjunction with the ART HARVEST STUDIO TOUR OF YAMHILL COUNTY.

Summer Salon

Almost three years have gone by since the gallery opened its doors and I love it, love being involved in a thriving local art scene!  So much good has come about.  The most rewarding is working and supporting the fabulous artists that also are wonderful people. The gallery is a great space.  There is nothing fancy about it, just a welcoming labyrinth of small intimate rooms filled with really good art.  It has become the perfect blend of a working studio combined with a fine art gallery and a museum quality gift shop.  One finds a place to visit and talk ‘art”.  Inspiration is found on…

For the love of it

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done”.  Vincent van Gogh One thing I have learned since opening the gallery is that the artists here love what they do.  I mean really love it! They all have a passion for creating in their chosen medium and they definitely ‘accomplish much’ and do it very well.  That passion shows not only in the finished works but also in the many impromptu discussions that end up being a master…


It’s a group show coming to the gallery!  Ten of our artists have come together with new work to pay homage to the sea. Dee Boyles, Lori Wallace-Lloyd. Marilyn Affolter, Ruth Orschel, Amy Brodie-Scout, Candice Cameron, Jeanne Drevis, Maida Cummings, Eric Sappington and introducing  Mike Bronco

Believe in beauty

  “Every summer the lilies rise and open their white hands until they almost cover the black waters of the pond. And I give thanks but it does not seem like adequate thanks, it doesn’t seem festive enough or constant enough, nor does the name of the Lord or the words of thanksgiving come into it often enough Everywhere I go I am treated like royalty, which I am not. I thirst and am given water. My eyes thirst and I am given the white lilies on the black water. My heart sings but the apparatus of singing doesn’t convey…

Fine ART Gallery

Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Studio & Gallery opened up two years ago in November and is quickly developing a reputation as an advocate and promoter of the fine art community
in Oregon. One will find paintings by some of the regions most talented artists, emerging artists, and Marilyn’s own
award winning photography. Nestled just off 3rd street in historic downtown McMinnville OR, the gallery is a gathering place for art enthusiasts of all mediums.