The works of Mike Bronco

  “The Americas”  60 x 60 original acrylic on canvas by Oregon artist Mike Bronco. Art is good when it is “unique in conception and well executed”, engaging the viewer. It is  “stunningly right” and “commands your gaze and thoughts whenever you look at it”. “The intensity of the experience of the person making it comes through”. It is “honest, unselfconscious, bold, ambitious, enlightening, original, challenging, and a feast for the senses.”   “Native Expressions”  40 x 40 acrylic on canvas “Mountain Song”  30 x 30 acrylic on canvas, framed


“I believe in beauty. I also believe that sharing of beauty will make all our lives better. Here is hoping that what I bring makes your life better.” The show will be up through the month of October in conjunction with the ART HARVEST STUDIO TOUR OF YAMHILL COUNTY.

Summer Salon

Almost three years have gone by since the gallery opened its doors and I love it, love being involved in a thriving local art scene!  So much good has come about.  The most rewarding is working and supporting the fabulous artists that also are wonderful people. The gallery is a great space.  There is nothing fancy about it, just a welcoming labyrinth of small intimate rooms filled with really good art.  It has become the perfect blend of a working studio combined with a fine art gallery and a museum quality gift shop.  One finds a place to visit and talk ‘art”.  Inspiration is found on…

Think on theses things

Just recently I read an article how science research is showing that the words we speak actually restructure our brain.   Those positive words, when we dwell on them, changes the function of our brain and over time the very structure, so much so that it may affect the way we look at reality.  The same goes for those negative thoughts.  They stop our brains from operating the way it is supposed to. So I would think it also is with images. Ansel Adams once said “A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is…


It’s a group show coming to the gallery!  Ten of our artists have come together with new work to pay homage to the sea. Dee Boyles, Lori Wallace-Lloyd. Marilyn Affolter, Ruth Orschel, Amy Brodie-Scout, Candice Cameron, Jeanne Drevis, Maida Cummings, Eric Sappington and introducing  Mike Bronco

365 paintings

There are a few things it seems that our hands never forget to do no matter how much time intervenes.  Artist Mary Rash proved this to herself when she picked up her paint and brushes again after 40 years.  Not only did she resume painting but she did it with a determination not found in many of us. It had been a while since Mary’s name was known in the art world of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Putting aside any doubts of her abilities and moving past  ‘fear, that great inhibitor’,  she challenged herself to paint one painting a day for a…