When the Heavens Answer I Listen

It was 2006.  I had been operating a small heirloom and herb plant nursery for many years while also being a mom.  That year our Oregon winter had a record snowfall and like so many other green houses in the area ours collapsed under the weight. It made me take pause and wonder if it was time to start something new.  Were the heavens telling me something?  Dare I think that maybe I could pursue my photography? Or was that thought too self indulgent, was I good enough, who would want to see my work anyway? All these questions and…


“I believe in beauty. I also believe that sharing of beauty will make all our lives better. Here is hoping that what I bring makes your life better.” The show will be up through the month of October in conjunction with the ART HARVEST STUDIO TOUR OF YAMHILL COUNTY.  http://www.artharveststudiotour.org


It’s a group show coming to the gallery!  Ten of our artists have come together with new work to pay homage to the sea. Dee Boyles, Lori Wallace-Lloyd. Marilyn Affolter, Ruth Orschel, Amy Brodie-Scout, Candice Cameron, Jeanne Drevis, Maida Cummings, Eric Sappington and introducing  Mike Bronco

Beauty surrounds us

We all have choices to make everyday.  Once made, even the little ones shape us into who we are becoming.  There is a lot of power in a decision. I choose beauty.  I choose to to see the beauty that surrounds daily.  Yes there are moments when all efforts fail no matter how hard I try.  These are the times when it comes down to literally “counting my blessings”out loud.  Life does that.  It becomes hard.  That’s when I make the choice to look for and to acknowledge beauty with gratitude.  And with amazement, because what I really am talking…

Fine Art Photography by Marilyn Affolter

Hello!  I am an artist that has been creating as long as forever is.  For the past ten years photography is and remains an essential element of what I do.   Give me a camera, any camera, whether film or digital, large or small, professional or toy.  All are incredible tools that help in producing what I see. As far as inspiration; the Romans and the Greeks held a belief that inspiration was given by an eternal divine entity, an attendant spirit outside of oneself that came to the artist assisting them with their work. The artist is a vehicle for…