The works of Mike Bronco

  “The Americas”  60 x 60 original acrylic on canvas by Oregon artist Mike Bronco. Art is good when it is “unique in conception and well executed”, engaging the viewer. It is  “stunningly right” and “commands your gaze and thoughts whenever you look at it”. “The intensity of the experience of the person making it comes through”. It is “honest, unselfconscious, bold, ambitious, enlightening, original, challenging, and a feast for the senses.”   “Native Expressions”  40 x 40 acrylic on canvas “Mountain Song”  30 x 30 acrylic on canvas, framed

Painting to inspire others

Meet Mike Bronco. This self taught artist who picked up a paint brush at the age of 50 produces sophisticated works that are rich in color, texture and strong in emotion. Twenty-two years and hundreds of paintings later Mike still cannot put the brush down.   I had the honor and complete pleasure in visiting Mike’s home and studio this afternoon where I was greeted by colorful canvases on the walls, laid out on the tables and stacked against the walls.  The paintings were rich and varied as Mike’s life has been.  Not limited to one genre Mike paints intuitively, rarely…