Ruth Orschel

Growing up in Berlin, Germany, a city full of history and art, influenced Ruth greatly. Creating, reusing material, playing with colors and textures has always been a part of her life.  Now living in Oregon, surrounded by a variety of different landscapes her appreciation for form and texture in its most natural form has widened.  Painting has lent itself to a process that is unrestricted and uncontrolled in my mind, as the brush becomes the tool to make feelings visible. Her artwork is the extension of her soul. Every piece is unique and personal.




 sheep and red barn-001

red bird-001

winter bird-001


Ruth’s beautiful line of clothing is her own design made completely from repurposed clothing.  Each piece is one of a kind, and beautifully hand crafted.

941334_1004229023002217_1498639936838648363_n 1001123_1004229049668881_2713759057562092270_n

1014063_1004229163002203_1294440788226500052_n 10366031_1004226863002433_6022291583198924188_n




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