Rebecca Kiser

As so often happens with artists, Rebecca Kiser came to painting later in life.  Raising a large family and making a home took precedence for her after nearly completing her BFA.  When the children left Rebecca picked up her paint brush with a skill that she had never lost.  You will love her atmospheric landscapes of the Willamette Valley so reminiscent of the land at its best. 45138441_10156755620824725_4205681737734291456_n45296879_10156755620889725_6892284829077864448_n45214743_10156755620849725_5579367438983626752_n45337649_10156755620934725_6048177649216389120_n45312678_10156755620869725_3992133867833131008_n47101550_10156821716839725_2417847389697081344_n47153095_10156821716989725_5092052413695655936_n47227912_10156821716984725_3122581759816892416_n47285166_10156821716969725_5822067176068087808_n

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