Mike Bronco

At the age of 50 Mike Bronco taught himself to paint.  Twenty-two years and hundreds of paintings later he still can’t put his brush down.  Mike’s paintings rarely begin with a set idea but rather start with the laying on of color that takes him where it may.  It has led to an exciting body of work that is rich in color and texture revealing a great depth. These vibrant multi-layered pieces invite the viewer to explore the many elements that Mike uses, a journey that is deeply gratifying.

Holding the belief that we all were put on this earth to create art in one form or another Mike only wishes to inspire all of us to find our “inner artist”.

americas-001 “The Americas”  60 x 60  $5500

native-expressions-001 “Native Expressions” 40x 40  $900

IMG_4550-002 28 x 22 acrylic on canvas $400

IMG_4553-002 “Native” 24 x 20 acrylic on canvas  $450


IMG_4543-002 “It’s a Circus”  SOLD

carnival-001 SOLD


IMG_4551-002 61 x 21 acrylic on canvas


IMG_4561-002 40 x 40 acrylic on canvas


Texture study, acrylic on canvas 24 x 30

image  SOLD

img_0856-001 “Mountain music”   30 x 30  *800


ocean primitive, acrylic on canvas  18 x 23 framed  SOLD





  1. Vickie Donovan

    I am honored to own some of Mike’s paintings. They challenge me with different feelings. I have seen light, darkness, sunshine and joy. Thank you for all that you bring to me. I hope to acquire more from this artist.


    1. marilynaffolter

      Thank you Vickie! You are so right how Mike’s work challenges us to feel different things. He truly is a gifted artist and am very grateful to have his work in the gallery.


    2. marilynaffolter

      I am with you on that Vickie. I am also honored to have one of his paintings on my wall and I am equally honored to have his work in the gallery. I do not believe I have never met an artist where I like ALL of his work. Mike deals brilliantly with color, complex texture and portraying strong emotion in his work.


  2. Terrye Temple

    Mike has been an artist all his life- maybe he only started painting 22 years ago but I remember him sketching and drawing since he was 12 years old. I am honored to be his friend, but even more honored to love him dearly. I am his sister.


  3. Bonnie Philpott

    Mike Bronco chose a painting for me from his art collection. I treasure it. It’s called “Sunday Morning.” The textures and vibrant colors amplify the images and make me long for a Sunday morning with my cousin, Mike, coffee, a croissant, flowers in a vase on the table, and birds singing outside.

    His art inspires me to find beauty in every day.


    1. marilynaffolter

      Thank you for sharing this Bonnie! I do believe that is that best thing art can do for someone is to help them find the beauty that is around us daily. Mike’s work is brilliant! I am grateful to have it in the gallery.


  4. marilynaffolter

    Thank you Terrye for a little more of a glimpse into Mike’s younger years! Your brother is a great artist and a good man. i would love to meet you some day.


  5. Mike has become one of my all time favorite artists.
    It’s rare I like everything an artist paints, so far Mikes paintings have never disappointed me.
    Very talented artist!


    1. marilynaffolter

      I agree completely Dawn! I had the privilege to see all of Mike’s work and there was not a one I did not like. That is rare! It’s an honor to represent him at the gallery.


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