Marj Engle

Marj Engle was raised in the Mennonite faith where there is an emphasis on service. For much of her life she had a hard time reconciling making art with her need to be of service to others. Finally the two came together.

“I believe that we all need beauty. I believe that beauty is necessary for positive change – on a personal level and in a broader sense. Beauty impacts the spirit. It inspires, it elevates, it transcends. I believe that it plays a part in our moral development. I have come to see that making art is a high calling. A song, a film, a painting – they all have the potential power to affect spirit, and in turn, inspire change. this has been part of my journey.

Marj has been working in paper mosaic art since 2008, using a method that she developed on her own through trial and error. Her intricate light weight jewelry is beautiful!








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