Marilyn Affolter

Marilyn creates because that is who she is and it is what she needs to do. For the past twelve years photography has been her chosen medium, winning her numerous awards.  It is in this past year that time has allowed her to work in oils, creating realistic paintings taken from her photography.

“I believe in beauty and the power it has to change the world for the better.  Here is hoping that what I bring to  you makes your life better”

Oregon Storm-001 oregon storm

IMG_0677-004 IMG_0684-003 IMG_0696 2-001

tree study series

this old house-001 home





_MG_9623-002 home on the range

IMG_9767 web-001 the red barn

mesquite-002 high dune

sound of moosic sound of mooosic

wave-001  the wave

Hope  hope

orchards web orchard’s web

ancient forest  redwood morning

image bird talk

image summer’s fruit

a pear-001 a pear

image white egret

IMG_1626-001 IMG_1661-001Botanical Series IMG_1759-001 IMG_1775-002


Hedgehog, Master copy of Albert Durer, pastel painting



Master copy of Albert Durer, pastel  painting

FD5A2121-7EE7-4187-97E0-60E0B3AB3AEB“Ash” Oil on canvas

the red hen-001  THE RED HEN, OIL ON CANVAS  SOLD

old goat-001  OLD GOAT, OIL ON CANVAS

sound of moosic sound of moosic, oil on canvas

IMG_0007-001 Paco, oil on canvas SOLD

cow portrait-001 cow portrait, oil on canvas  SOLD

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