Marilyn Affolter

Marilyn creates because that is who she is and it is what she needs to do. Believing that all of us have been given a unique talent by our Maker,   Marilyn considers herself most fortunate to find hers and has the time to pursue it.  For the past twelve years photography has been her chosen medium, winning her numerous awards.  As her children left home Marilyn is now able to devote herself as a full time artist expanding to painting with oils, pastels and works using the ancient practice of egg tempura.

“I believe in beauty and the power it has to change the world for the better.  Here is hoping that what I bring to you makes your life better.”

All Photographs can be printed to the size you wish. Shipping is included.


Oregon Storm, fine art photography

This is the photo that started my artist career, hand held with a press of the shutter. The heavens blessed me well that morning as this image ultimately ended up hanging in the Smithsonian. Printed on premium luster paper, archival print. 10 x 14 (size is approximate)


Glacier Blue

The perfect moment in Glacier Bay National Park where the color of the ice is really that shade of blue! I fell in love with Alaska. Archival photograph on Premium Lustre Paper. Print size 10 x 14”


Take Me To Church

We stumbled upon this wonderful old church building while exploring Iceland. There is a wonderful stillness to this image with amazing textures that make it one of my favorites. Archival Photograph on Premium Lustre Paper 10x14 (size is approximate)



There once was a lovely lady with tears streaming down her cheeks. She was gazing at this photo. Upon approaching her she graciously shared her story of care giving for her husband the past seven years. This photo gave her hope. Archival Photograph printed on premium lustre paper 10 x 14




The Willamete Valley is beautiful ecspecially in the early spring when all is lush and green. Wouldn’t you love living here:) Archival photography printed on Premium Lustre paper 8×10 (size is approximate)


South Beach

For all those that love the Oregon Coast and ecspecially Neskowin here is South Beach on a glorious evening. Archival photograph printed on Premium Lustre paper 10×14


Crimson & Clover

In the month of June the farmers around the Willamette Valley become artists, turning their fields into a wonderful display of crimson clover. Archival Photograph printed on Premium. Lustre Paper 10×14



Oh my can the Oregon Coast give us sunsets! Archival photography taken with an IPhone printed on Premium Lustre Paper 8×14


The Red Barn

I do love winter scenes! This was taken close to my home town where the old barns dot the country side. Archival Photograph printed on Premium Lustre Paper 9 x14


White Egret

In Asian culture the noble white egret symbolized purity and the path to heaven. 8x 10 (size is approximate) Archival Photograph printed on Premium Lustre Paper


Painted Landscape

Yes it is a photograph! It is one of a series, “Painted Refections” taken as the sun was setting and the wind gently moved the water turning the reflections into a watercolor painting. 14 x 7 Archival Photograph printed on Premium Luster Paper.


Follow Your Path

An Image that we can all relate to as we have all been here, no matter where that “here” is. Archival Photograph printed on Premium Lustre Paper 10×14


Winter Wave

10 x 14 Archival Photograph printed on Premium Lustre Paper


A Pear

The inspiration came to me in the painting studio, unexpected and with full clarity on what I needed to do to create the pear I was painting into a photograph. The results are an ongoing series “Old Masterworks”. Archival Photograph printed on Premium Lustre Paper 10″x10″


Summer Fruit

The beauty of Summer’s Fruit is portrayed in the style of the Old Dutch Masters. Archival Photograph printed on premium luster paper. 6 X 14


Orchard’s Web

Here is my favorite image of all! Taken just outside of my home town this walnut orchard transformed itself with a late snowfall. The intricate web of the branches interlaced with the strong contrast of black and white and the path that beckons enchanats! Archival photograph printed on Premiu Lustre Paper 8 x 14



Inspiration comes when it wills. So it was with my newest series “Botanicals”, sudden, unexpected and with full clarity of what needed to be done. Archival Photograph printed on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Paper 8x10



Painted Lady

5×5 Original Oil on Canvas


Monarch, Oil on canvas

The Monarch is just one of 160 species of butterflies in Oregon! 5x5 Original Oil on Canvas



The swallowtail butterfly is a welcome sight in the summer, feasting on a large range of plants. Interestingly some of their favorite foods are toxic. When this beautiful butterfly eats the plant they protect themselves from predators by becoming toxic themselves. 5×5 original oil on Canvas


Fenders Blue Butterfly

This small butterfly is unique as it is found only in the Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon. On the endangered list this butterfly depends on the rare Kincaid Lupine. 4×4 Original Oil on Canvas.


“Nubi” Original Oil on Canvas

This lovely little guy begs to be petted and cuddled. 8×8 Oil on Canvas



The eyes are the window of the soul. 10 x 10 Original Oil on Canvas


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