Lori Wallace-Lloyd

Lori Wallace-Lloyd was born in Austin, Texas. Joining the Navy at 17, she became the first female helicopter aircrew member in 1977. Later, after becoming an officer, she became fascinated by Italian painting, having been stationed for 3 years in Sicily. Though she had a family and career she began the long road of classical art training, eventually studying in the Bay area with several renowned portraitists including Virgil Elliott. The rigorous atelier training built the skills needed to produce the realist figurative work, for which she has won many awards.

“I strive to develop a luminous quality of light within my paintings, while attempting to capture the unique spirit of each subject. Through explorations of chiaroscuro and bold color in a classical manner, each painting becomes a journey. Using timeless themes and archetypes, I am constantly inspired by history as well as my contemporaries.” – Lori Wallace-Lloyd


Flowering Artichoke, pastel and gouache 12 x 15 framed  $375.00


Purple Anemone, Pastel & gouache 12 x 15 framed $375.00

01_2016_WhitePelican-001 SOLD

Sheep-001  HARD PASTEL

19-2015Bobcat, Pastel & gouache 20 x 24 framed  $350.00

38_2014_BarnOwl2-001MIXED MEDIA

Ram-001 Big Horn, pastel 20 x 24 framed $350.00

LoriWallaceLloyd_GoldFinchonEchinacea HARD PASTEL

HarlequinDuck_HeadAndShouldercopyright Harlequin Duck, Pastel & gouache


1470411_10152090911309725_122673864_n OIL ON CANVAS

SWP_20140319_004-004 OIL ON CANNVAS 5 X 5 $60.00

1503385_10152090914859725_1681457736_n  OIL ON CANVAS




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