Dee Boyles

Master plein air artist Dee Boyles grew up on the north Umpqua River and was constantly rambling through the Northwest’s forests where he developed a deep love of the land. This can be easily seen in his oils where painting landscapes is a full-time passion! “I love being surrounded by the experience of natural forces: the light and shadow, the silence and the racket, the stillness and the perpetual activity of the earthy essence and sublime spiritualness”. Dee has an extensive background in the arts working as graphic illustrator when ones skill lay in the paintbrush, teaching at the University of Alaska, working closely with the California Impressionists and finally moving to Oregon where he has extended his skills to wood block prints and the ancient process of Moku Hanga prints.


img_9690 Morning Light  oil on canvas 9×13,  $695.00

img_9698 Aspen & Ponderosas  15 X 18 framed $695.00




IMG_6905-001 At the docks 16 x 20 framed $1150.00

IMG_6906-001 Beach at Pistol River  16x 20 framed  $1150




IMG_8602-002  Winds & Mist  $1400


cape kiwanda dramaCape Kiwanda Drama, Moku Hanga print framed $350


morning murmersMorning Murmurs, Moku Hanga print framed $295

morning sunrise MORNING SUPRISE, Moku Hanga print framed: $330

treesTrees, Moku Hanga print framed $395

oceans edgeOcean’s Edge, Moku Hanga print  matted: $275 framed $330

valley cloudsValley Clouds matted: $125.00  framed: $175.00

sparky & greelySPARKY & GREELY framed: $125.00

corn Corn, Moku Hanga Print  framed $225

carrotsCarrots, wood block print $200

catfishCatfish, linocut print framed: $125.00

dogBodhi linocut print framed: $125.0 



Deep Shadows, Deep Sky 
Smith Rocks
Churning Seas
Tidal Surprise
Pacific Tumultuous
White, Red and Blue 

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