Benita Cole


Benita’s paintings celebrate the beauty in a world that seems to be overwhelmed with the opposite.  Her vibrant paintings are trying to say our world is breathtaking and wonderful and inspiring and full of delight and childlike wonder.  Life is precious and beautiful and worth celebrating.  Benita’s art is unique because it focuses on the light, the life and the bright beauty of landscapes, flowers, people and  their pets. 

Painting is Benita’s way of seeing the world, a sort of exploration, not quite adult finger painting but something close.  Nature is one of her great loves where she captures strands of light and weaves a vision of that natural world. 


“Painting for me is like breathing.  It is also my most coherent expression.  I consciously observe the beauty, take photos and sketch the things that inspire me to play with light and shadow.  I paint as many as four versions of my vision before settling on the one which conveys the time, place and feelings of that experience I want to express to you.  The result is not a photograph but the relationship between me and the image.  I am often inspired by music and find the piano music of Anne Sweeten the best for my florals.  I find the natural world and flowers in particular to be sensuous expression of the dichotomy of the world.  Strong, flexible, delicate, provocative, lush, fertile, rich…”


sun glass








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