Anna Lancaster

Anna Lancaster was born in New Jersey and moved to Oregon in 1991, which resulted in her shifting her career focus from graphic illustration and design to professional fine artist.  She enjoys diversified styles of creative expression including portraiture, contemporary and plein air landscape painting in oil. Her recent body of work explores contemporary still life in oil. Anna has expanded her contemporary art to include vibrant mixed media using pastel, oil impasto and acrylics.

The following is part of a series that Anna did this January, 30 days 30 paintings, all original oil of canvas!

11698859_10207137883948979_6670177644736557625_o-001  Toast and Coffee for Breakfast  20 x 16 $490



2_Red Tractor at Luscher Farms Red Tractor at Luscher Farms 11 x 14 $250

20_ South Western Vase South Western Vase 9 X 12 $175

16_ Mason Jar and Lemons  Mason jar and Lemons 11 x 14  &250

4_Princess Flower and Black LanturnPrincess Flower and Black Lantern $250

5_Black Pitcher Black Pan Black Pitcher and Pan 11 x 14 $250

7_Cholula Hot Sauce Still Life Cholula Hot Sauce 12 x 16 $295

31_Clear Bottle Clear Bottle 9 X 12 &150


29_sweet tea Sweet Tea 8 x 10 $110

32_ Tranquile Creek in Snow Tranquil Creek in the Snow 11 x 14 $250


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