Still Life

  • Original acrylic on board
  • This photograph is one in the "Old Masters" series capturing the essence of these master painters.  6 x 14 Archival Pigment Print on EPSON Premium Lustre
  • Grandma's Table is and original watercolor by a very talented re-emerging artist.  22 x 28 Original Watercolor, framed & matted.
  • A warm watercolor with rich tones of antiques passed down.   18 x 28 Matted & Framed
  • Red Apples

    Original Watercolor, Framed & Matted 16 x 20
  • Original Watercolor,  Unframed 11 x 14
  • Original Watercolor, Unframed 11 x 15
  • Original Watercolor, Matted & Framed 21 x 16
  • Red Figs

    Original Watercolor, unframed  11 x 14   SOLD
  • Marlee's Boots is a delightful original oil on linen board, framed.
  • Delicate blooms and soft tones and perfect rendition of the glass bottles make this still life truly beautiful.  11 x 14 Original oil on board, framed
  • Last Roses of the Season, original oil on linen panel, 12 x 16 Beautifully framed
  • This particular piece of art has a very satisfying color harmony, with very deep and fresh turquoise mixed with warm, happy yellows and greens.  9 x 8 Original Oil on Board,  Framed

  • An expressive floral painting, one that is soft yet eternally cheerful.
    Original Oil on Board, Framed 12 x 16
  • Kristina is very influenced by the artist Van Gogh who claimed the sunflower as his own.
    Original oil on Board, Framed  9 x 12
  • Painted en plein air this painting immediately evokes that crisp feel in the air when fall is approaching and harvest time is here. 12 x 8 Original Oil on Board, Framed   SOLD!!
  • A Pear

    "A Pear"  is one in a photographic series reminiscent of the old Dutch Masters.  8x8 Archival Pigment print on EPSON Premium Lustre