Woodblock Prints

  • Morning Murmer

    Rendering  of the three rocks in Siletz Bay, a Limited edition Wood block Print know as Moku Hanga.
  • Valley Clouds

  • The traditional MokuHanga print "Cape Kiwanda Drama" exemplifies the remarkable beauty of the Oregon Coast.
  • A limited edition reductive relief print of the many charming back roads in Yamhill County.  12 x 14 Beautiful handmade frame
  • Reductive Relief Print limited edition, 11 x 11 Beautifully framed in a hand crafted frame by the artist's Husband.  Also available without frame, 85.00
  • 12 x 14 Limited edition reductive relief print displaying the clouds that form so well over the Willamette Valley, beautifully set in a hand crafted frame.  Unframed for $165.00
  • 11 1/2 x 15 Limited edition reductive relief print
  • A stunning example of wood block print, with multi layers of color patiently applied by hand.  Only two available in this limited edition print.  18 x 22 Framed
  • Mole

    This charming mole is done in the tradition of wood block prints know as Mezzotint, an intaglio printmaking technique that creates soft, velvety gradations of tone.  10 x 11 matted
  • Boats

    "Boats" was made using a printmaking technique called Mezzotint that creates soft, velvety gradations of tone.  5 1/2 x 6