Art Books

  • First published in 1958 this is a powerful and raw journey in photos of life in America that is hauntingly reflective of today.
  • Said to be the most successful photography exhibition ever assembled, The Family of Man opened at MOMA New York in 1955. This first edition copy  book reproduces all of the 503 images that photographer Edward Steichen had displayed.
  • Beginning Drawing Atelier brings the working studio to you with its unique workbook/sketchbook approach using high-quality paper and offering traditional Atelier art instruction practices.
  • An engrossing tale of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo praised by both readers and critics. "Through her art, Herrera writes, Kahlo made of herself both performer and icon. Through this long overdue biography, Kahlo has also, finally, been made fully human." — San Francisco Chronicle
  • After being private for 40 years, Frida Kahlo's personal journal documents the last ten years of this remarkable Mexican artist. Full color illustrations of her own sketches, paintings and writings the journal is "sprinkled with irony, black humor, even gaiety, and augmented with translations of the diary entries plus commentaries and photographs, this volume is a testament to Kahlo's resilience and courage." Publishers Weekly
  • A wonderful book giving the reader a vivid look into the true stories associated with our favorite colors.
  • A fantastic book that breaks down the foundational skills and techniques of painting in a format that is accessible and manageable for all readers.
  • The practice of drawing distilled to its essential elements.  A wonderful book for the serious art student.