Anna Lancaster

An Old Master’s Palette

Anna Lancaster was born in New Jersey and moved to Oregon in 1991, which resulted in her shifting her career focus from graphic illustration and design to full time professional fine artist. She enjoys diverse styles of creative expression including portraiture , still life and plein air landscapes.  With the use of a palette reminiscent of the old masters her paintings are richly warm.

The mystery of creation is her constant inspiration.

“I’m stopped in my tracks. The moment locks me into the sight, sound scent and feel of the experience. I must paint this.” 

With a brush in one hand and a prayers on her lips, Anna paints.

  • Original acrylic on board
  • Marlee's Boots is a delightful original oil on linen board, framed.
  • The "Dutch Yellow Pitcher" brings back the Old World Charm of a still life,  8 x 10 Original Oil on Linen Board, framed.
  • With a warm and rich pallatte this Still Life is reminiscent of the Old Masters. 12 x 16 Original oil on Linen Panel, beautifully framed.
  • Wild and beautiful is Cape Disappointment on the southern tip of the Washington coast. 11 x 14  Original Plein air oil on lined panel, framed
  • "Light in the Night" and original Plein air oil of the iconic Bandon Light House
    11" x 14"  oil on linen panel, framed.
  • A masterly still life in a rich and warm palette, 9 x 12 Original Oil on Linen board, beautifully framed
  • Funky boats at Port Townsend, Washington with the weathered patina and reflections of a life on the water.  Plein air oil on Linen Panel. 11x 14 framed
  • Last Roses of the Season, original oil on linen panel, 12 x 16 Beautifully framed