Beauty is Abundunt

This past month I was overwhelmed and overstimulated with Beauty!

Since October the Seattle Art Museum has been showing the works of American painter Andrew Wyeth.  I had the opportunity to see this amazing show.


It was much to absorb, with well over 100 paintings on display.  Known for his work in the medium of egg tempura, Wyeth depicted hyper realistic scenes of rural life that are stark and at times oddly disquieting yet retain a simple calmness.  All were truly stunning in their beauty!

Wyeth’s attention to the smallest of detail shows sensitive awareness to his surroundings, even the smallest blades of grass being depicted with startling clarity. It is this careful consideration and the use of the medium egg tempura, one that uniquely captures light, that draws one into his expressive works.9BF4A6CA-A2BA-4267-BB83-AABB81ABC635

“I do a lot whole lot of thinking and dreaming about things”.

I believe Wyeth understood the words of French painter Andre Lhote, “Every object, if for a moment you forget all knowledge of unexpected images, and the ecstasy of their capture provides the poetic imagination of the spectator with a springboard of an entirely novel character”.

The world and works of Andrew Wyeth are pure poetry.


If SAM’s doors had been open the following day I would have gladly bought another ticket to see the Wyeth paintings.  Instead I took the opportunity to visit the Chihuly Glass garden.  What a visual feast of color and light this is!  To echo the words of many I heard on that visit, “oh Wow”!  If you’ve never been, Go!


Another worthy mention is a walk through the Frye Art Museum with my own favorite art docent.



Even though the two days were an “art” overload on my senses it reaffirmed that Beauty is in abundance and there is a power that lies with in.  Life is better when I intentionally seek it, giving sustenance to the thought that there is good in this world.

Beauty “makes us dream. It makes us think. It makes us imagine a world that’s bigger than the one we know and one that’s worth taking a risk for. Even in a brutal world, beauty exists and its power leads us to hope, faith, and love”. For me it’s a “homecoming of the spirit”


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