The Art of Byzantine Iconography comes to the Gallery

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We are pleased and honored to announce works by the hand of Master Iconographer Magdalene Grace Deane now showing at the gallery.

For the past 14 years, Magdalene Grace Deane has been producing Liturgical Art in diverse medium for church and home. Her focus (and sole vocation) is depicting and teaching Iconography of the Eastern Christian Tradition.  Magdalene Grace’s work is a sacred journey back in time using the ancient form of egg tempura and gold leaf on panel. The lengthy process of using egg with natural pigment produces a  luminescent glow of light, uniquely rich in color and depth.  Her depictions of the sacred icons are exact prototypes that have been passed down for generations, holding true to the written canon.

Magdalene Grace’s works hold an elegant aesthetic in design and composition. Her early career in fashion design is reflected in her paintings which convey a deep understanding of garment construction as well as textile content and drape.

Magdalene Grace’s masterful skill in painting and jewelry design led to a permanent collection acquisition of her pieces by the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her Sacred Art has been featured in prominent galleries and several churches across the nation. Her works are also in many private collections both nationally and internationally including in Vatican City, Vatican.

28E3C5BF-A559-4D75-9FC3-1A8D2A1BFD35First of all, one ought to love what he does.  An icon painter cannot be anything else. He has to devote all of his life to icon painting”.   Mother Maria (Egereva)
The love and devotion Magdalene Grace gives to her vocation certainly is seen in her work.

Now Showing at

Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery, 325 Evans, McMinnville OR

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