When the Heavens Speak I Listen

It was 2006.  I had been operating a small heirloom and herb plant nursery for many years while also being a mom.  That year our Oregon winter had a record snowfall and like so many other green houses in the area ours collapsed under the weight. It made me take pause and wonder if it was time to start something new.  Were the heavens telling me something?  Dare I think that maybe I could pursue my photography? Or was that thought too self indulgent, was I good enough, who would want to see my work anyway? All these questions and more pervaded my thoughts. It was down right scary to contemplate! So I prayed.

On July 4th lightning struck and the heavens once again made me take notice. The summer morning was slow and quiet and I was enjoying my morning  cup of tea when a shout called for me to come and “look at these clouds”! I really didn’t want to. Contentment had settled in. But that day was meant to be.
I am thankful that my husband called me and that the habit of grabbing my camera was automatic.  The image captured that day gave a message loud and clear that yes, I can do this!  This small town girl can be a professional photographer!  It set me on a journey that was unexpected and though I did not know it then, has saved me many times over. It has defined me in who I am and has led to a thriving business which has expanded my artistic career with painting in oils, pastels and the world of egg tempura paints.

How fast does lightning strike? We’re talking microseconds, 3700 miles per second!
No matter how fast one has the camera’s shutter speed the odds of capturing lightning with the press of a button is rare!  That morning when the image “Oregon Storm” came to be was an answer direct from the heavens. I am forever grateful that  I listened.

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