“April showers bring May flowers” and they are starting to bloom!  Yes!  I am so hungry for their color and sweet fragrance.  It has been a long wet winter here in the Northwest and while my back yard is still like a sodden sponge of water I have brought flowers to the walls that surround me!

Looking into the windows of my studio gallery you will see a perfect Master Copy of Georgia O’Keefe’s “White Flower on Red Earth”, a piece that “desert transplant” artist Mercedes painted this past January while the snow fell outside.


The center of attention is the 56″ x 44″ Red Rose by Mercedes truly stunning in it’s size and detailed realism!

red rose 56 x 44

The perfect contrast to this and the other large oils are the delicate botanical illustrations by artist Nora Sherwood.  Nora’s training in scientific illustration and her love for the natural world is accompanied by a strong desire to educate others through her work about the intertwining balance of the earth, guided daily by the quote of Baba Dioum.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.”


I bring also my photographic series “FLOWERS”  and “Botanicals“, the first bright in color, the latter looking like delicate watercolor drawings, both intricate in detail.


fine art


botanicals web

For more work visit the artist portfolios at


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