30 days 30 Paintings

What does one do when there are endless days of snow, cold and rain as we had this past January?  Outside of work there are lots of books to read, indoor projects to complete, or for me an online marketing course to take, something I am not passionate about but one that came at good time.   Seriously I would rather be painting! But what if one’s passion is about making art? You can paint! You can paint every day and all day.

This is just what Anna Lancaster did when winter held sway outside.  She painted every single day for 31 days!  Getting her oils out Anna challenged herself with a medium that for most takes more then one 24 hour period to complete! This was an exercise in persistence, one that most of us would find daunting! She ventured outside for a few exquisite paintings of a snowy day in Oregon but the cold chased her inside for the classic still life.


From her easel came paintings rich in color and movement, echoing the old masters. With a warm palate of lemons, hot peppers, pottery found on excursions to Good will, books, glass vessels and more, the end result also proved to be an exercise in the honing of Anna’s skills as a artist.

The entire collection is truly lovely!  Good work Anna!  You inspire and amaze me that you did it again for the month of March!

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