The flowers that bloom in the spring tra-la


It’s been a long cold season and we are all a little winter weary.  I feel for you Lake Tahoe who has a record 685″ of snow and still counting.  I feel for you Portland, Oregon who has been given the designation of the most winter weary city in America.   To our neighbor up north, Canada you have had it cold!

We all are waiting for spring to decide to show its face but till it does I would like to give you a little remembrance of what is coming. May it lift your spirits and “breathe promise of merry sunshine”!


The flowers that bloom in the spring tra-la                                                                                    Breathe promise of merry sunshine.

As we merrily dance and we sing                                                                                                       welcome the hope that they bring.

Of summer roses and wine.                                                                                                                         Of summer roses and wine.

The Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan



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