Summer Salon


Almost three years have gone by since the gallery opened its doors and I love it, love being involved in a thriving local art scene!  So much good has come about.  The most rewarding is working and supporting the fabulous artists that also are wonderful people.

The gallery is a great space.  There is nothing fancy about it, just a welcoming labyrinth of small intimate rooms filled with really good art.  It has become the perfect blend of a working studio combined with a fine art gallery and a museum quality gift shop.  One finds a place to visit and talk ‘art”.  Inspiration is found on a daily basis.

11698859_10207137883948979_6670177644736557625_o-001      ocean-001


Currently we have hung our walls in the traditional ‘salon’ style of the 17th and 1800’s Paris Academy, with art from ceiling to floor.  One wall features our traditional classical master works, while the other main wall displays a colorful display of wonderful contemporary works.  We will be showing “Summer Salon” through the month of August.

13568781_10154302559459725_3655078310750826930_o           IMG_3064

Stop by for a visit.  You won’t be disappointed.



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