Head in the clouds

Oregon Storm-001

I never knew clouds could be like this until they were right over me.  Ever since this moment my head has been in the clouds always looking upward.

Fascinating is what they are!  Foreboding too at times.  And totally enchanting!  Lucy had it right when she explained to Charlie Brown “Aren’t the clouds beautiful…they look like big balls of cotton!  I could just lie hear all day and watch them drift by.”


Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus, Contrails, Mammatus, Orographic and Pileus.  Even the names stir my imagination!  It is no wonder that Zeus built his kingdom in the clouds (thank Disney for this imagery), gathering them at will with his breath. This capture of Mt. Washington gives a rare glimpse of a cloud cap forming or maybe a fairy weaving  her wand around the mountain top.


Then there is the fog, another cloud form, moisture condensing low to the ground. This misty landscape is bemoaned by many, attributed with the ominous and mysterious, yet I see the world becoming a gentler place, the edges softer, ethereal.  All becomes still and silent, noises receding behind a white cloak. It lends a hand to quiet my own soul, welcome moments from a noisy existence.




  1. Sometimes I can gaze at clouds…sometimes they overwhelm me.


    1. marilynaffolter

      Hi :). Thanks for reading my post 🙂 both of you :).


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