“No one’s going to walk through my mind with dirty feet”

Pure is a beautiful word, an old-fashioned word scarcely heard in today’s society outside of maybe the religious environment, yet still a beautiful word. My mind conjures images of clean simplicity, places that are clear of pollutants.

Oregon sand dunes

It’s a place we all want, we all look for.

Free of contamination.


Is it possible to find such a place anymore?  In the physical world probably not.  The pristine farm land where my family lives, the one that looks so fresh is tainted with chemicals sprayed in abundance.  I go to the ocean to find clean air and am greeted with debris decorating the beach.

I think of the most pristine places I have visited. The touch of man has intruded.


Pure then becomes a state of mind, one that is an individual choice.  Consider the opposite.  We only have to hook into the media to get a daily dose, and it isn’t pretty. I still can choose to think pure thoughts and do good actions.  My mind can dwell on the lovely.

juna de fuca

As Gandhi once said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.”





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