Loving original art!

Art is at its best when it’s the original!  Compare it to eating really good food or listening to an amazing concert live!  A meal out of a box just can’t meet up to the experience of eating that succulent dinner al fresco in a garden.  The car speakers will never match the surround sound of your favorite musician on stage. So it is with original art.


Here is my most recent art purchase by a local artist Michael John Bittle; original art that makes me smile.  The vibrant energy starts the day with a fresh happiness and an “all is well with the world attitude”.  It takes me outdoors where flowers bloom in abundance and where light splashes color.  Looking at it causes something to shift inside, much like a smile given does.

In a real sense the inorganic substance of paint takes on a living, breathing essence, one that mystifies me in its quality.  That is what original art does.


When I first saw a Van Gogh I was spell bound.  The same thing happened with my first Monet, my first N.C. Wyeth.  They were all paintings I had seen reproduced but nothing prepared me for the originals.  My breath literally was taken away and I tingled inside.  Yes…tingled.

How could a canvas hold so much energy, so much life, so much love of creation?  During the 16th century it was believed that artists were given their talent by God with the purpose of bringing beauty into the world.  Their art would help people to get in touch with their inner souls.  Were they so very far from the truth?

In Simon Schama’s book “The Power of Art” the author touches upon this thought, “The power of the greatest art is the power to shake us into revelation and rip us from our default mode of seeing.  After an encounter with that force, we don’t look at a face, a color, a sky, a body in quite the same way again.  We get fitted with new sight: in-sight.  Visions of beauty of a rush of intense pleasure are part of that process, but so too may be shock, pain, desire, pity, even revulsion.  That kind of art seems to have rewired our senses.  We apprehend the world differently.” We become different.


Choosing original art is the same as the choosing of good food and good music.  None are an option.  One feeds the body.  They all feed the soul.


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Pablo Picasso



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