Believe in Beauty (or the goose that saves me)

“Beauty will save the world” These powerful words were written in a 1868 novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky by the name of “The Idiot”.

I have this pastel drawing of a goose hanging in my room.  Every day, throughout the day this character brings a smile to my face.  According to science a smile stimulates the brain’s reward system and reduces mental and physical stress!  Now you are wondering what a goose has to do with Dostoevsky’s words? To me the goose is beautiful.  According to science the goose is healthy for me by bringing a smile to my face.  That means he’s changing my world, making me happier.

image Goose by Natalie Equall

Wow to the goose!  You hold a lot of power!  To borrow a phrase from poet Mary  Oliver “I would almost say you save me, and daily”.

Welcome the transforming power of beauty!

Believe in beauty!


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