Painting to inspire others

Meet Mike Bronco. This self taught artist who picked up a paint brush at the age of 50 produces sophisticated works that are rich in color, texture and strong in emotion. Twenty-two years and hundreds of paintings later Mike still cannot put the brush down.



I had the honor and complete pleasure in visiting Mike’s home and studio this afternoon where I was greeted by colorful canvases on the walls, laid out on the tables and stacked against the walls.  The paintings were rich and varied as Mike’s life has been.  Not limited to one genre Mike paints intuitively, rarely having a definite idea of what he will put on the canvas but rather laying on color and let it lead where it will.  His “dot period” is reflective of Aborigine art, his Native American series pays homage to this wonderful culture.  He has a musician series, an ocean series, many wonderful abstract expression pieces and one large stunning multi-media collage where he grabbed what could be found in the drawers of his home.




Mike started painting because it was fun.  It is in these past few years he has discovered the unexpected healing power there is to be found in art, echoing current research of the positive physiological changes that creating provides.  He hopes to inspire all of us to do just that…create, to find our “inner artist”, to stir something in us, to make us feel something, anything!  In his own words, “it is not about the finished product.  It is all about the painting.  Art does heal!”



The gallery is honored to represent Mike Bronco in the showing of his original acrylics.

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