365 paintings

There are a few things it seems that our hands never forget to do no matter how much time intervenes.  Artist Mary Rash proved this to herself when she picked up her paint and brushes again after 40 years.  Not only did she resume painting but she did it with a determination not found in many of us.

It had been a while since Mary’s name was known in the art world of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Putting aside any doubts of her abilities and moving past  ‘fear, that great inhibitor’,  she challenged herself to paint one painting a day for a full year!  It became a personal journey of part persistence and pride, the latter sometimes being the only thing that kept her going.  Sitting 4 – 8 hours in front of the easel every day stretched her in a new way.  As time progressed Mary’s strokes developed a swiftness and surety.  Some days were agonizing ending up with dark bold strokes crossing out the image, others brought a deep sense of satisfaction to this re-emering artist!

10247385_10152393098784725_5588470539638302987_n IMG_5658 IMG_7000-001 10312438_10152397833384725_2007577795089514706_n

365 paintings later Mary accomplished what she had set out to do!

They range from animals both on the farm and in the wild, botanicals, portraits, landscapes, and still life, each piece evoking an uncanny emotion of the subject.

I forgot to say this, Mary is 87 years old.



cow-003 IMG_2298-001

IMG_6994-003 IMG_2277-001 sheep

For inquiries about purchasing the art work please contact the gallery.



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