Why we make art


I know many artists.  Some wear that title with ease while others reject it outright not wanting to be labled with any expectations of what ‘art’ should be.

Either way it comes down to this.  They just want to create.  The reasons may vary;  to give a voice to oneself and others, to express emotion, to tell a story, to show beauty,  or maybe the most well known, first qouted by Peter Finley Dunne and later made famous by Cesar Cruz and Bansky, “art should comfort the disturbed and distrub the comfortable”.  Then there is the pure simplicity of “it is just fun, so much fun”!

One common factor I have found among all working artists about making art is “they just  have to!”  For myself this is true.  I am at my happiest when creating.  Life is in balance when I give into that inner voice that urges me to apply paint to a blank canvas or puts me in the path of a new photo series.  There is an internal necessity that I give honor to.  There is also something of great intrinsic value coming to the realization that we  are born to do something and having the courage to stick with it.

To quote Pablo Picasso “All children are artists”.  May we all discover what we were born to do and then do it.

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