the artist attempts … Social Media Guru

gallery collage….and so it seems that is what you have to be these days to market your work, no matter what the work is that you do.  We artists love to stay in our right brain.  We love to create in solitude where the distractions are at a minimum.  Marketing is a distraction.  Studies may show that sitting in front of the computer lends itself to the creative souls but it is still a distraction.  So it seems the artists of today end up joining the great masters in the age old dilemna that if one can’t sell their work they can’t continue what they are doing.  Look at Picasso in his early years when he burned some of his early paintings for heat.  Look at VanGogh recieving funds from his brother Theodore so he could continue to paint, Vermeer who died penniless, Paul Gauguin where poverty was his reality.

Enter the 21st century.  So much has changed and yet much stays the same.   Artists still want to sell their work.  The way to go about it has changed.

Here is my attempt to reach out to you in that wide world of the WEB.  This is my year to do the Social Media Guru thing.  Enter the big 6 (these are up for debate)  a new web site, ETSY, Tumblr, FB, Twitter and Instagram.

And as always,

may the artists of today never go hungry.


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