Fine Art Photography by Marilyn Affolter

Hello!  I am an artist that has been creating as long as forever is.  For the past ten years photography is and remains an essential element of what I do.   Give me a camera, any camera, whether film or digital, large or small, professional or toy.  All are incredible tools that help in producing what I see.

As far as inspiration; the Romans and the Greeks held a belief that inspiration was given by an eternal divine entity, an attendant spirit outside of oneself that came to the artist assisting them with their work. The artist is a vehicle for that inspiration. I embrace this concept, giving gratitude for the One who inspires me in all things.”

“Those who seek beauty will find it”  Bill Cunningham

I also believe in beauty.
I believe that sharing of beauty will make our lives all that much better.

Here is to hoping what I bring makes your life better.

Marilyn AffolterHopeOregon Storm-001IMG_3550-010IMG_0323-002

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